Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Chicken or the Egg?

Well it turns out that our little Chick n Chicken are overachievers. The breed starts laying at 16 weeks rather than the 24 that I'd read online. We got our first egg on Thursday. A tiny one with a dual yolk, very fun. The second egg was even smaller and I haven't cracked that one open yet. The first egg was delicious. The yolks were a dark gold color reminding me of saffron. The eggs tasted just like I remembered from child hood. GOOD! Lately the ladies have been having treats of plums which have just started ripening on our tree and they love cabbage leaves.

They've been dumping their outside water and we were trying to figure out why. They would dump it, squack for us to come refill it and then dump it again. Reminded me of a child with a sippy cup. Turns out the bugs were congregating beneath it and our smart girls would wait for the bugs to come and then dump the water out of the way to get at them. I'm so proud :)

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