Tuesday, January 20, 2009

FDA confirms salmonella in Kellogg's crackers

Is anyone else wondering how salmonella gets in peanut butter? Eating in this country requires a certain amount of denial otherwise how would one enjoy any food? Melamine in milk products, salmonella in peanut butter, e-coli everywhere it shouldn't be.
I try to stick to products I get at the farmers market.
I look forward to my CSA box which starts up in a few weeks.
I am putting my order in for grass fed beef but what about everything else?

I have to worry about peanut butter, and milk and crackers and on and on. And speaking of worrying. Trying to get pregnant again and figuring out what I should eat and not eat should be fun.

Did anyone else realize that unfiltered coffee is worse for you than filtered? Just something new I've discovered recently that had me worrying about my cholesterol level.

It's not just what you put in your body it's what you put on it and around it as well. I've moved to natural biodegradable cleansers for most everything in the house. Laundry, dishes, and hand and body soaps but I do still feel the pull to get some not so good for me makeup(Especially when it's free). Macy's and Nordstrom’s are giving away one free item for anyone who purchased products during a certain timeframe (The result of a lawsuit about price fixing) Yikes. I admit I did get in line to get my free mascara.

So the question becomes how obsessed does one get? A wise person recently told me this. “Sometimes we are so focused on reaching our goals that we forget to celebrate the small or even big steps that we have already taken.” This makes sense since I want to be perfect at removing toxic products from my life for obvious reasons but today I think I will acknowledge what I have done and celebrate the steps I have taken. I’ll take a bite of my organic farmers market orange and enjoy the taste of success.