Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Good food is hard.

I've spent months no years changing the way I eat, what kinds of food we buy, how we cook it. Worrying about how our food was grown, what it ate, how it was taken care of, how it was processed.

It only took a few weeks for it all to fall apart. First I got a cold, that turned into bronchitis and a sinus infection. I'm talking 6 weeks of being sick. I am in the sixth week now and just allowing myself to realize that I have been buying and eating garbage, while my CSA vegetables wither in my crisper. I can't force myself to eat healthfully. All I've wanted the last few weeks is canned tomato soup. You know the brand, mix in some water heat it up and dip a grilled cheese in it. Try not to think about the plastics sprayed on the inside of the can...mmm... so warm and delicious. Why is it that the organic tomato soups just don't fit the bill? Follow that up with something chocolate...maybe two wafers with a layer of chocolate in the center...hydrogenated oils be damned.

I did find some lovely pie crusts in the freezer section, whole wheat and no hydrogenated oils. YUM! and managed to make pumpkin pie from scratch with a pumpkin we got in our CSA box. (It was not stringy, it was delicious)

Why is it that good food is so hard? Maybe the question should be why do I expect myself to work a full + day, commute an hour home and then wash, chop vegetables and prepare food from scratch, clean the kitchen, get clothes ready for tomorrow, make lunches, do some more work, maybe some laundry, pet the cats, feed them, visit with my husband.....I'm exhausted just thinking about it. Let alone getting to the farmers market and the "good" grocery store.

I want to eat good food and I will keep trying...I just wish someone would cook it up for me!